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  • Click here for the full workshop schedule.
  • You know how to use Power Point or Keynote, but have you learned how to create an engaging presentation? There are ways to make Power Point presentations engaging and effective. We'll start with good digital design principles for the standard "deck of slides" presentation and move on to creating other types of presentations (e.g. screen casts and webinars). You should plan to bring at least one presentation you would like to design ( or redesign) for this 3-week session.
    • Non-digital design
    • General digital design principles
    • How to find the perfect (CC) image
    • Non-Linear slide presentations (Action Buttons & Menus)
    • Dump the slides altogether: Mindomo & Prezi
    • Engaging a webinar audience
    • Screencasts and recorded videos (Jing, Animoto, ...)
  • This is a learning community for those that want to read the book The Calculus Wars, by Jason Socrates Bardi and have some social discussion. Not only can we discuss the concepts in the book, but also how we might incorporate the historical perspective into what we learn into our math courses.

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If you've found this site and are interested in running a book group or other informal learning in the STEM fields off of this site, let me know and I can provide you with a space to do it.

: ) Maria

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